Comparison of Eaton Filter Bag Models

Snap-Ring, Unibag, Sentinel, Duragaf, Hayflow, Max-Load, Accugaf and Progaf


We make it easy to determine which filter bag model is best for your application and ensure quick delivery at the best cost by having the manufacturer drop-ship directly to you!  Our filter bags are compatible with all #1-#4 size bag filter housing brands including Eaton, Hayward, GAF, American Felt, Loeffler, FSI, Tate Andale and Rosedale. 


Once you have a bag filter system you also commit to the annual cost related to stocking, changing and disposing of filter bags.  Our factory direct business model reduces your inventory requirements and our website explains features of our filter bags to help reduce the frequency of filter bag changes and improve personnel safety.  The cost of a filter bag is directly related to its filtration efficiency and the amount of particles it can retain before requiring replacement.  The following chart summarizes our product offering and our navigation menu provides details for each model.


Filter bag cost vs efficiency analysis


Use our articles and webpages to learn about the features of each filter bag model and then Call us at 908.362.9981 for factory direct pricing and availability! Our sales engineers can assist with recommendations on the phone or replying quickly to your emailed inquiry. Inquire about receiving  free sample filter bags!  If you aren't sure which filter bag model best suits your application, use the navigation bar  beginning at "Start Here" and progressively go through the selections.

Least Expensive Filter Bags

The SNAP-RING and UNIBAG models are essentially the same in terms of efficiency and cost, with the UNIBAG being made from recycled materials and having both a welded construction and crush ring seal; characteristics of higher efficiency filter bags.  These are best suited for retention of particles larger than 25 microns when the particle load is not too high.  All of the felt material filter bags provide a degree of depth filtration although the SNAP-RING and UNIBAG models are made of thinner material than the other filter bags, hence they are used when the particle load for the targeted retention size is relatively low. Monofilament and multifilament mesh material SNAP-RING filter bags only provide surface filtration.

Industrial Performance Filter Bags
The SENTINEL and DURAGAF filter bags are made from thicker felt material, increasing their depth filtration and overall particle load retention.  Before the UNIBAG, the SENTINEL filter bag was the entry level filter bag to have a welded seam and crush seal design.  They are made from virgin raw materials and this is our single most popular style filter bag.  DURAGAF filter bags are the same except manufactured from even thicker felt and this increases the particle handling capacity by 3 to 5 times!  DURAGAF filter bags cost about 2 times the cost of a SENTINEL filter bag, however the annual cost savings associated with filter bag changes off-set the higher filter bag cost.

As an example, if you use 125 standard filter bags monthly (1500 annually), the amount of DURAGAF filter bags required might only be 300 - 500 annually. It depends upon your operation but usually there are savings associated with reduced filter bag changing, such as:


  1. Less labor

  2. Reduced product loss due to carry-out

  3. Increased safety for personnel due to less exposure to the liquid and less lifting

  4. Less downtime


Special Filter Bag Designs

The balance of our filter bags have a specific purpose or characteristic.  The HAYFLOW filter bag is clever design which requires a special restrainer (support) basket to utilize.  HAYFLOW filter bags are made as a DURAGAF with about 70% more material, increasing the particle load handing capability.  Another way of looking at this is that HAYFLOW filter bags increase your overall flow rate capacity due to the extra material used in their design.  Therefore you would use this style filter bag when minimizing exposure to the liquid and reduced down time are priorities or when you have a high particle load and want to minimize the frequency of filter bag changes.


The MAX-LOAD filter bag is akin to a filter bag and filter cartridge hybrid with its pleated and rigid design, increasing surface area and maintaining its ideal shape.  These are often used when the process liquid is hazardous and thus it is a priority to minimize exposure to personnel.   If you have limited personnel and want to absolutely minimize the frequency of filter bag changes, MAX-LOAD filter bags are for you!



These filter bags are used for specific types of applications and the most demanding, finest particle retention possible with filter bags.  The CLEARGAF models are marketed for applications requiring FDA compliance and they are a nominally rated filter bag design based upon the SENTINEL and DURAGAF models.


LOFCLEAR, ACCUGAF and PROGAF filter bags are all absolute rated for their retention, meaning they have a specified efficiency up to 99.9% for the targeted particle size to be retained.  They have a multi-layer design and complex crush seal ring to ensure zero bypass of particles as fine as 0.45 microns!  The LOFCLEAR filter bags are used for automotive and other coatings applications sensitive to tramp oils.  There is also a version designed for removing deformable, gel-like solids with an absolute retention efficiency.


ACCUGAF filter bags target particles from 1.5 to 10 microns with absolute efficiency whereas the PROGAF is used for 0.45 and 0.5 micron size particles; only the purest fluids and demanding applications require these types of filter bags.

Comparing Filter Bags
It is nearly impossible to compare different brands of filter bags based upon catalog pages alone because each manufacturer uses different material thicknesses and fiber size/density specifications.  There is no universal definition of "nominally efficient filter bags", each manufacturer determines the acceptable range of efficiency for a given filter bag design and therefore only the absolute rated efficiency filter bags can be compared.  When you are switching filter bag manufacturers you want to obtain some free sample filter bags to gauge their efficiency compared to what you have been using.  Our nominally rated filter bags are more efficient than other brands and it might be that instead of using a 10 micron bag from manufacturer "X" our 25 micron filter bag might suffice.  An example of nominal efficiency and how it can be confusing: a 1 micron nominally rated filter bag might be 60-70% efficient for 1 micron and 99% efficient for 25 microns.  Our filter bags specialists can help you determine which style filter bag is best for your application and investigate ways to minimize your costs.


Another factor to consider is product consistency.  A large and bureaucratic company like Eaton has well documented and tightly controlled quality control procedures ensuring product consistency.  Surely distributors of filter bags can source from other countries and sell for less cost, but much is not known about the quality control procedures used in sourcing raw materials and manufacturing.  In short, you get what you pay for and if the pricing looks too good to be true, there’s likely a reason why. Leverage Eaton’s resources and our  decades of field experience to help you determine which style filter bag is the best value for your application!

We offer accessories to reduce product loss and enhance personnel safety such as displacement balloons, splash guards and magnetic inserts.  These items are often compatible with any brand filter housing and their benefits work with your existing filter bags.

Due to our business model we offer very competitive pricing enabling us to forge strong relationships with companies worldwide.  Please let us now how we can assist you further!